Our Strategy

Investment Philosophy

Greenline seeks to make an impact, establish deep relationships with both our clients and investors, and ultimately generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.  In conjunction with mission-driven capital provided by investors, we leverage the New Markets Tax Credit ("NMTC") program to provide financing to underserved businesses and communities. 

Our funds are organized to address a wide range of investment opportunities, regardless of region, industry, or position in the capital structure.  While the main objective of our funds is significantly the same—to make an impact—we select and customize the specific financing product on a case-by-case basis following our risk analysis and due diligence of a prospective client.  This process includes understanding the client's financing requirements, its intended use of the proceeds, business model, industry, and growth plans, among others.  Contingent on our due diligence, we can provide flexible senior secured debt, unsecured subordinated debt, and/or equity co-investments to businesses.

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New Markets Tax Credit Program

The NMTC program is a federal program that incentivizes community development and economic growth by equipping qualifying CDEs with the ability to provide federal income tax credits to investors.  As a CDE and an active participant in this program, Greenline leverages private investment and its subsidized cost of capital to provide debt financing that is more favorable and flexible as it relates to pricing, security, amortization, etc., compared to other traditional capital providers.  

Small Business Capital Fund

The Small Business Capital Fund ("SBCF") is a debt fund capitalized with both NMTCs related private investment and other mission-driven capital.  The objective of the SBCF is to provide attractive financing for impactful, underserved small businesses across the U.S. whose capital needs are often larger than the normal NMTC financing and greater than a typical financial institution is able to provide based on the risk profile of the Borrower.  

Greenline Community Growth Fund

Greenline's Community Growth Fund ("GCGF") is a venture capital fund capitalized with Greenline’s proprietary capital, and targets small operating businesses with less than $5 million of capitalization.  In conjunction with the due diligence of its larger transactions, we actively conduct in-depth reviews of community challenges and needs, including numerous meetings with local community leaders and nonprofit groups.  Based on these reviews, we identify and endeavor to provide catalytic capital to businesses that can provide benefit to their respective local communities.

GZ Impact Fund, L.P.

The GZ Impact Fund is a private debt/equity fund capitalized with mission-driven capital.  All eligible borrowers must be based in Colorado.  The fund seeks to provide financing to high-growth, private companies that are either (1) too early-stage for traditional banks, (2) too small for private equity firms, and/or (3) seeking growth capital above and beyond what traditional financial institutions can provide and/or is less dilutive than traditional private equity investments.