GZ Impact Fund, L.P.


In Q4 2018, Greenline launched the GZ Impact Fund, L.P. ("GZ Fund") to provide senior and subordinate loans, as well as equity co-investments in select transactions, to growing private companies that are based in the state of Colorado.  The GZ Fund is capitalized with private mission driven capital, and Greenline manages and services the fund through an in-house asset management team.  The GZ Fund seeks to provide financing to high-growth, private companies that are either (1) too early-stage for traditional banks, (2) too small for private equity firms, and/or (3) seeking growth capital above and beyond what traditional financial institutions can provide and/or is less dilutive than traditional private equity investments.

Borrower use of proceeds include:

  • Growth capital and general working capital
  • Acquisitions or expansion into new markets
  • Equipment purchases
  • Refinancings
  • Equity recapitalizations

Investment Criteria

  • Borrowers must be based in the state of Colorado
  • Capable of generating positive revenue at the time of investment (though, in select cases the GZ Fund may invest in companies that are pre-revenue) and providing a solid business plan that anticipates the Borrower being EBITDA positive within 12 to 48 months after funding
  • Sponsored and non-sponsored transactions


  • The GZ Fund will primarily provide debt financing (senior, subordinate or unitranche loans) that include an associated equity component, including warrants, options, or other rights to purchase common or preferred stock of the Borrower.  Our debt financing will typically be secured by a senior or subordinated interest in some or all assets of the Borrower. 
  • In certain instances, the GZ Fund will invest in senior debt (without warrants/equity) and direct equity (non-controlling interests, either preferred or common)

          For more information please contact Fred Koch at fkoch@greenlineventures.com or (303) 586-8002