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Community Growth Fund

Community Growth Fund

The Greenline Community Growth Fund (GCGF) is a Greenline-managed community development venture capital fund with a national footprint that targets small operating businesses with less than $5 million of capitalization.

Target Market

Primarily in conjunction with the underwriting and due diligence of its larger NMTC transactions, Greenline conducts in-depth reviews of community challenges and needs, including numerous meetings with local community leaders and nonprofit groups. Based on these reviews, Greenline identifies the types of businesses that can benefit the local community and then endeavors to fund:

  • Operating businesses offering employment or wealth creation for low-income persons or low-income communities.
  • Operating businesses delivering products or services that are beneficial to low-income communities and/or low-income people.

Technical Assistance

During community reviews Greenline identifies one or more local partners to help provide technical assistance to the GCGF target market businesses.

This technical assistance supports the seed and growth phases of the businesses, including: business planning; training in areas of need; provision of incubator office space, back-office support services and raising capital. Partners are typically a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or a local community organization.

Fund Overview

GCGF is currently capitalized with $2 million of Greenline’s proprietary capital and is expected to grow over time. Investments typically range from $5,000 to $500,000 depending on the size/needs of the business. Approximately $500,000 of existing funds are targeted toward the smaller end of the range (less than $100,000) to ensure a significant number of “main street” businesses gain access to funding.


Investment terms vary depending on product type and are structured to deliver “patient capital” that best meets the needs of the business.


Bode Tree

Bode Tree

Bode Tree, LLC is an early-stage technology company that provides small business owners and their financial partners with easy-to-use, affordable access to information that facilitates better decision making.  Bode Tree systematically brings management consulting caliber analysis, typically only available to big businesses, into the reach of small business owners… Read More

CO2 nexus

CO2 Nexus

CO2Nexus, Inc. provides innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for the industrial laundry and fabric/textile cleaning market. CO2Nexus employs recycled liquid carbon dioxide instead of water as the wash medium in specially designed pressurized washers … Read More

ConvenientMD Urgent Care

ConvenientMD Urgent Care is a privately owned, New Hampshire based company dedicated to providing the best medical care and best health care experience for their patients and staff. They offer an innovative approach to high-quality health care in an efficient and welcoming environment while saving money for patients, employers, insurance companies, and the government…Read More


Industry Office is involves the redevelopment of a 102,600 SF commercial facility consisting of approximately 9,400 SF of retail/restaurant space and 93,200 of flex/office incubator space. The space will host professionals in a creative, collaborative community and aims to spark sweeping changes to the city’s northern gateway… Read More


LKC Technologies

LKC Technologies, Inc. manufactures and distributes visual diagnostic products used in clinical, pharmaceutical and research settings. The company’s most recent product, the RETeval™ Visual Electrodiagnostic Device, is a screening tool that utilizes skin electrodes to test for Diabetic retinopathy (DR), the leading cause of adult blindness in the United States….Read More



MediLogix rents, sells and services Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and respiratory therapy equipment throughout the United States. They offer services and solutions to long term care and rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and hospice providers. The company’s services are focused on reducing the capital costs associated with the treatment of chronic, rehabilitative and life limiting conditions…Read More

The Men's Health and Vascular Medicine Institute

Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a minority-owned start-up business that is developing a new technology assisted health protocol designed to allow doctors to expand the boundaries of the patients and communities they serve.  This helps doctors make it more convenient for patients to be screened and/or evaluated, by allowing for the delivery of medical services in non-traditional areas… Read More

Raven Brick


Founded in 2006, RavenBrick is a Denver-based technology company that created, patented, produced and brought to market RavenWindow™, a dynamic thermochromic filter that brings together industry-leading energy efficiency, market-leading ROI uncompromised views and improved occupant comfort, all in a reliable durable product that last as long as any window on the market…Read More

Womens Venture Fund

Women’s Venture Fund

Founded in 1994, The Women’s Venture Fund (WVF) is a New York based nonprofit. The organization helps women to establish thriving businesses in urban communities with business development programs and funding support. WVF has served 18,000 firms, helping to launch many small businesses through a range of services including entrepreneurial…Read More


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